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Perpignan: the facades of the Pont-Rouge residence play with Bella dolls

From September 2022, three murals will adorn the walls of the social housing of the Pont-Rouge residence, in the Vernet district where the Bella company’s factories were located.

The Rue Ribot is decked out in colour and becomes gourmet

Chaumont Habitat is continuing with its idea of creating a graphic journey through its residences…

Nature and party go hand in hand in Vaires-sur-Marne

Together, the social landlord and the painters/designers of CitéCréation wanted to bring a new look to social housing…

Chaumont Habitat – start of the second mural… in workshop

Top start for the second mural painting project “La gastronomie”…

Chaumont Habitat – The “Party” mural

These murals were designed with the participation of the inhabitants…

A new mural on rue Ribot – Chaumont

Chaumont Habitat has commissioned the company CitéCréation to give several building facades a facelift. The one on Rue Ribot is the first to see the light of day…

The murals are displayed in Ribot (Chaumont – Haute-Marne)

In 2021, the residences of the rue Ribot will be concerned by a large-scale energy rehabilitation…. but also by an original artistic project…

A mural for a century of history

The social landlord Val de Berry is celebrating its centenary. To mark this anniversary, it has commissioned a large fresco designed by the artist Bernard Capo and has mandated CitéCréation for its realization…

Chambery : Two of Europe’s tallest murals

An architect was needed to design this monumental work that will cover the facades of the Mâconnais towers in Chambéry-le-Haut. The Belgian Luc Schuiten was chosen by CitéCréation…

Chambéry, murals of the Dent de l’Ours

Cristal Habitat commissioned CitéCréation and the architect and designer Luc Schuiten to paint two giant frescoes on the 18 floors of the towers “Le Crêt de l’Aigle” and “La Dent de l’Ours”

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