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CitéCréation designers celebrate the pope of French food: Monsieur Paul Bocuse

For CitéCréation’s muralist painters, its heritage and its team, they are not just three stars, but a constellation of talent …

Two innovative murals in Marseille, La Cabucelle – France

We are proud to unveil the achievements of a new Monumental Wall Design project in the La Cabucelle district, in the heart of Marseille’s 15th arrondissement…

Mural “Landscape like Turner” Bron (France)

The company Arcole Développement, a real estate builder for over 50 years, entrusted CitéCréation with the design and realization of a mural.

AC – Press: The Tony Garnier Urban Museum must be saved

A true museum in the heart of the city and in the open air, the Tony Garnier urban city of Lyon is known for its 24 artistic frescos created on the facades of residential buildings. After 30 years of exposure, they are now undergoing a vast renovation program…

Loire Habitat renovates its heritage in Montbrison

Loire Habitat, owner of this heritage, has chosen the muralist designers of CitéCréation to design and produce two monumental murals with the participation of the inhabitants.

The Echos: The murals of the Tony Garnier city undergoing rehabilitation

This restoration work was entrusted to CitéCréation, which was first commissioned in 1988 by Greater Lyon for the rehabilitation of the district….

Press release: Monumental wall design according to CitéCréation: an effective lever to revitalize territories and their built heritag

These economic and tourism impacts are accompanied by a local dynamic by developing “living together” and the social cohesion of cities…

The mural of La Chartonnière inaugurated

The completion of the renovation work on the entire residence was accompanied by the creation of a mural by CitéCréation…

Beauregard shows itself in a new light

The Beauregard district of Montbrison benefits from a major rehabilitation plan. The social landlord Loire Habitat has chosen to involve the inhabitants in the renovation of the building stock.

Loire Habitat colours the Beauregard district – Le Progrès

Loire Habitat is providing CitéCréation with two gables on its housing group for the creation of two large murals…

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