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Murals in Moscow – CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday…

“France settles in Moscow” : In Russia, a home builder and a department store owner have chosen CitéCréation mural painters for their craftsmanship..

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Deauville on the Moskova river - 27th km from Minskaya highway, village Ozyora 2007 - 220 m2
Deauville on the Moskova river - 27th km from Minskaya highway, village Ozyora 2007 - 220 m2

Mural of the Square of the Motte – Limoges – France : CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday…

In 1993, Cobaty Limoges commissioned CitéCréation to create a mural of 100 square metres. In a few years, it was adopted by all Limougeauds and tourists.

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Charlie Chaplin murals, a star illuminates Vevey ! CitéCréation celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018

As part of the rehabilitation of the districk Gilamont, the city of Vevey entrusted the mural painters of CitéCréation with the realisation of two monumental mural paintings according the performer Franck Bouroullec.

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CitéCréation celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018: Carrefour Store Mural – Shanghai

CitéCréation fête ses 40 ans en 2018. L’entreprise coopérative a conçu et réalisé plus de 750 fresques murales dans les coeurs de ville, dans les entreprises ou encore dans les quartiers d’habitat social.

Nous ouvrons l’album-photos pour vous présenter chaque semaine une oeuvre murale, un design mural monumental ou une fresque pour l’habitat social.

Cette semaine, nous voyageons en direction de l’Orient pour découvrir la fresque murale de Carrefour Shanghai.

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Mural : Exploratory study in Nantes

Soon new stages in the journey of Nantes made by CitéCréation !

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Mural of Diego Rivera (Metropolis of Lyon: CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the death of the Mexican painter Diego Rivera, the Diego Rivera Foundation has chosen the muralists of CitéCréation, heirs of this master of mural art.

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The monumental murals of Vallonnière unveiled – GREATER LYON

The third and last monumental mural, “Fauna and flora” was finally unveiled following a participatory approach with the tenants of the Vilogia…

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Fresque murale de La Vallonnière à Lyon
Fresque murale de La Vallonnière à Lyon

The murals of the Paul Bocuse restaurant admired!

The murals of the emblematic Paul Bocuse restaurant at Collonges-au- Mont-d’Or were lately renovated by the team of CitéCréation.

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The Gargantua mural, a legend of the town of Pierrelatte

Gargantua, a well-known character in French literature entered the cultural Pantheon thanks to his creator, Rabelais…

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Monumental mural design at Tonnerre – The start of the second lot of the project – Domanys

In the framework of refurbishing the Lices apartment blocks in Tonnerre in Yonne (110 dwellings in 4 buildings in a rural region) planned over 2016-2018, Domanys incorporated a monumental mural design by CitéCréation .

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“Weaving” The murals of Valibout / the town of Plaisir GREATER PARIS

A pilot project of ANRU 2, the Valibout neighbourhood is a social housing estate located in the town of Plaisir. With 1,000 flats and more than 3,000 inhabitants from 40 different cultures, its refurbishment is a major strategic goal in the town’s urban evolution.  

Certain things stand out, in this case the collaboration between the town, a social housing agency, and the inhabitants who got together to build an image of a new identity
Joséphine Kollmannsberger
Mayor of Plaisir, Vice-President of the Department Council
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“A land of textiles” The murals of Vallonnière LYON

In 2015, Vilogia launched a huge monumental embellishment project for its property of 450 dwellings at Vallonnière in Lyon. Part of a refurbishment and housing programme, the aim of this project was to improve the living environment of the tenants by combining aesthetic considerations with energy efficiency. Vilogia commissioned a monumental mural design project from […]

This project participates in our global reflection on social innovation. This artistic approach taken jointly with the inhabitants is a pertinent way of satisfying local needs that can be expressed in social housing estates. The murals of Vallonnière are but one approach.
Eric Danesse
Innovation Manager of Vilogia
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“The cartoon strip city” fresco circuit ANGOULEME

Context The city of Angoulême has hosted the largest cartoon strip festival in the world for over 30 years. This festibal attracts some 300,000 visitors annually.   The cartoon strip frescos of Angoulême

CitéCréation’s work resembles mine which consists in creating imaginary worlds. I do it on paper whereas they use walls. It’s more real.
François Schuiten
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Monumental mural design of Valibout, town of Plaisir (France) : inauguration of the first lot