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Contracting owner : Domanys Place : Quartier des Lices – Tonnerre / France

“Artmosphère” Monumental mural design of the Lices TONNERRE

Context In the framework of refurbishing the high rise estate of Lices in Tonnerre in Yonne (110 low rent apartments in 4 buildings in a rural environment) planned for 2016-2018, Domanys incorporated in the technical project a monumental mural design by CitéCréation for the buildings, based on an approach of joint creation with the residents. […]

"Classic renovations do not work and this innovative approach to monumental mural design is a success. A different and positive image of the neighbourhood is developing and I am confident about the economic stakes of renting in this sector. We are already planning to reproduce it on future operations."
Karine Lascols
Managing Director of DOMANYS
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“Chaplin Towers” Monumental mural design VEVEY

Context In the country Charlie Chaplin chose to settle in, on the shores of Lake Geneva, two low rent buildings stand isolated from the town of Vevey. With a height of 40 metres, these monumental mural works produced by CitéCréation stand out as a new and elegant landmark.   The Chaplin Towers

Elles déchirent vos deux tours. En France, je vais me battre pour qu’on réalise des projets d’une telle qualité.
Jamel Debbouze
Humoriste et parrain des fresques
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“Cité Kaps” Wall design OULLINS

Context Fully refurbished, an old primary school belonging to the municipality of Oullins was transformed into a community house share for young persons under 30 (KAPS). The manager of the building, Alliade Habitat (a social housing agency) installed a residence intended for students and young workers. These students differed from others since they were committed […]

In only a few months the young tenants (Kapseurs) succeeded in forging links with the local population. They have become a spearhead of proposals to integrate the “La Cité” residence into the urban landscape.
Patrice Tillet
Director of the territorial delegations Action Logement Immobilier (Ex-Managing Director of Alliade Habitat)
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“Weaving” The murals of Valibout / the town of Plaisir GREATER PARIS

A pilot project of ANRU 2, the Valibout neighbourhood is a social housing estate located in the town of Plaisir. With 1,000 flats and more than 3,000 inhabitants from 40 different cultures, its refurbishment is a major strategic goal in the town’s urban evolution.  

Certain things stand out, in this case the collaboration between the town, a social housing agency, and the inhabitants who got together to build an image of a new identity
Joséphine Kollmannsberger
Mayor of Plaisir, Vice-President of the Department Council
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“A land of textiles” The murals of Vallonnière LYON

In 2015, Vilogia launched a huge monumental embellishment project for its property of 450 dwellings at Vallonnière in Lyon. Part of a refurbishment and housing programme, the aim of this project was to improve the living environment of the tenants by combining aesthetic considerations with energy efficiency. Vilogia commissioned a monumental mural design project from […]

This project participates in our global reflection on social innovation. This artistic approach taken jointly with the inhabitants is a pertinent way of satisfying local needs that can be expressed in social housing estates. The murals of Vallonnière are but one approach.
Eric Danesse
Innovation Manager of Vilogia
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“The cartoon strip city” fresco circuit ANGOULEME

Context The city of Angoulême has hosted the largest cartoon strip festival in the world for over 30 years. This festibal attracts some 300,000 visitors annually.   The cartoon strip frescos of Angoulême

CitéCréation’s work resembles mine which consists in creating imaginary worlds. I do it on paper whereas they use walls. It’s more real.
François Schuiten
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40 years of wall design... 40 years of relationships... In 1978, the initial idea of the founding collective of CitéCréation, then called Populart, was to make art accessible to as many people as possible under a single signature. 40 years later, this magic is still working... CitéCréation aims to bring a singularity, a narrative, a new Monumental Mural Design to cities and districts, sometimes uniform and anonymous, that adapts to the architecture of the building and contributes to the development of a better life together...