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Journal de la Haute-Marne : A wall as a reflection of the soul of the inhabitants

Chaumont Habitat is undertaking an operation to renovate its residences, both in terms of energy and aesthetics, with the creation of monumental frescoes on the facades of certain buildings, in partnership with CitéCréation, and in consultation with the residents. It all starts with Rue Ribot.

The painted wall of the RIMa is finished

The 26th painted wall of Angoulême is finished. And it only took ten short days for the artists of CitéCréation to complete it…

The mural of the First RIMa is finally unveiled in Angoulême…

At present, the Premier RIMa (Regiment d’Infanterie de Marine) can be proud and present the last mural work made to its glory with the participation and competition of the City of Angoulême and the muralist painters of CitéCréation.

A local and original project – Angoulême (France)

As part of the regiment’s influence in its garrison town, the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment (1st RIMa) proposed the creation of a mural, an idea that was accepted by the City of Angoulême…

Angoulême (France): After the comic book, Rima sets out to attack the murals

At the realization, CitéCréation, historical partner of the City of Angoulême, past master in the art of not forgetting the inhabitants in its creations. “A work full of nuance and in dialogue with the public space that in no way diminishes the strength of the image”…

The seven great growths of Chablis

Domanys mandated the muralist painters of CitéCréation to bring an artistic and technical answer of high quality which corresponds to the requirements and the identity of the territory of Chablis, its identity linked to the wine?

The Carnival mural, a first in Romans-sur-Isère (France)

The city is more beautiful thanks to the “Action cœur de ville” program initiated by the City of Romans-sur-Isère, which commissioned the muralist painters of CitéCréation to imagine a route of painted walls in the city centre…

CitéCréation designers celebrate the pope of French food: Monsieur Paul Bocuse

For CitéCréation’s muralist painters, its heritage and its team, they are not just three stars, but a constellation of talent …

Mural “Landscape like Turner” Bron (France)

The company Arcole Développement, a real estate builder for over 50 years, entrusted CitéCréation with the design and realization of a mural.

AC – Press: The Tony Garnier Urban Museum must be saved

A true museum in the heart of the city and in the open air, the Tony Garnier urban city of Lyon is known for its 24 artistic frescos created on the facades of residential buildings. After 30 years of exposure, they are now undergoing a vast renovation program…

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