Bourges honours its writers from George Sand to Jean-Christophe Rufin

The town of Bourges, known for its military industry and its musical springtime, has left a significant literary imprint despite its apparent discretion. The town has inspired many authors, giving rise to a multitude of varied texts: poems, novels, historical analyses, autobiographies, personal letters, thrillers, personal accounts and tourist notes. These writings are chosen for their interest, curiosity or the author’s sensitivity.

Six murals are currently under construction in Bourges, thanks to the trust placed in us by social landlord OPH Val de Berry and our partner Bouygues Construction.

These murals will embellish the city and reflect its cultural richness. The subjects will include representations of the writers who drew their inspiration from the town.

From Marguerite Audoux to Paul Verlaine, and from George Sand to Jean-Christophe Rufin, Alain Fournier and Zulma Carraud, let’s take a look at this rich harvest of texts, the result of cross-fertilisation and a variety of pens, and celebrate the literary history of Bourges.