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Creativity, technical competence and project management

CitéCréation is a cooperative limited liability company founded in 1978, with its head office in Oullins (Greater Lyon), France. It is composed of a multidisciplinary team of experts including eight salaried associates.

Our international presence is ensured by two subsidiaries (DekorativeCity in Germany and MuraleCréation in Canada) and two agency offices (Jerusalem and Shanghai). Along the lines of the buddy system our team relies on 80 very high level mural painters, as well as on other professional actors of the urban landscape: architects, urban planners, landscapers, light designers, artists, digital designers, etc.

We are structured to fully manage any design and production project, therefore ensuring that the contracting owner or the general contractor is free of worry and sure of obtaining the best quality execution within an optimal timeframe.

All our designs are produced by our artists in-house.

Team CiteCreation 2023

Projects & Development

Séverine Jardin

Managing Director & Associate Designer

Séverine is a graduate of the École supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, design section, and the École d’Art d’Annecy (space design section). She also followed professional courses at the Lycée de La Martinière, Montplaisir, in Lyon, and obtained the diploma of Technicienne Bâtiment génie civil (TBGC).

22 years of experience - Séverine, a graduate of the École supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Rennes and the École d'Art d'Annecy, masters and anticipates the different phases of design and construction.

Projects, Development & Design


Jean-Michel Boucher

Production Manager

Jean-Michel supervises all the technical and organisational aspects, and those concerning insurance. He works alongside the technical management of the contracting owner and the overall project manager to ensure the quality of the projects from A to Z. He is your contact for all the aspects relating to the project site.

43 years’ experience - Jean-Michel is the joint founder of CitéCréation, which came into being in 1978. He has ensured the technical and artistic supervision of more than 750 projects performed around the world. He graduated from the Higher National College of Arts of Lyon.

Support services

Odile Michel

Associate Administrative, Legal and Financial Manager

Odile coordinates all the legal and financial aspects of the operations. She applies the greatest rigour to ensuring the solidity of the contracts.

37 years’ experience - Odile graduated with a degree in Business Administration, University of Lyon 1.

Yoann Montoya

Administrative Manager and Management Controller

Yoann supervises the administrative and commercial part of the company.

Yoann has a master's degree in management from ESAM Lyon, after having completed a DUT GACO-Arts at Jean Moulin University. This versatile course of study enables him to cover a certain range of functions, from the administrative and financial management of an organisation to strategic and operational marketing.

Artistic & site management

Elodie Iwanski

Head of Production and Art Direction

Elodie is in charge of production, from the design to the execution of the sites.

After having followed a STI Applied Art course in Saint-Étienne, specialising in architecture, design and styling, Elodie continued her studies at the Ecole Supérieure Emile Cohl where she obtained a diploma in computer graphics and comic strip illustration.

Passionate about mural painting and architectural design since childhood, Elodie worked for CitéCréation for 20 years, while managing her structure. At the same time, she also worked for 7 years at the CREAD institute, a school of higher architecture and global design, as a teacher and educational coordinator.


Aïcha Bezzayer

Associate Communication & Press Relations Manager

Aïcha coordinates all the communication aspects of the projects alongside the contracting owners and the municipalities. She provides advice on communication strategy and press relations, and participates in the co-production of communication content. Aïcha also intervenes in the creative workshops by coordinating the participatory approach.

27 years’ experience - Aïcha graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Lyon 2.

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