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Enhance your buildings to improve the living environment of your residents

The buildings in some areas often fulfil a functional purpose. Their exposure in the urban landscape emphasises their standardisation and uniformity rather than giving life and originality to the urban environment.

In the framework of your construction and refurbishment projects, our monumental mural design operations enhance your buildings by endowing them with aesthetic singularity. We design and produce works in consultation with the residents and which take into account the architectural options taken, the environmental context and the history of the town or city.
Buildings that convey a positive urban narration are buildings that their residents will respect and care for. This improves the living environment and social cohesion, it drives the image of an entire district and contributes to its revitalisation and attractiveness.

The success of your projects is essential to us. Along with our clients, we take the utmost care to monitor performance indicators linked to image, property enhancement, rental management and the evolution of uses.

The project that we performed with the residents of Vallonnière and CitéCréation made us particularly proud. These monumental works of course render homage to the district’s history, especially that of textiles which echoes with the history of Vilogia.
Cédric Labrosse
Manager of Vilogia Lyon Métropole
L’équipe de CitéCréation est douée d’une capacité à rencontrer, écouter et partager avec énormément d’humilité autour d’un thème rassembleur : celui du design mural monumental. Le travail que nous conduisons ensemble à Tonnerre a réussi, grâce à la méthodologie suivie, à fédérer les élus, les collaborateurs et au premier rang les habitants. Au-delà de l’ouvrage dont le réalisme est saisissant de part l’histoire racontée, la dynamique insufflée est en train de transformer les relations au quotidien. Merci.
Wilfrid Belleville
Directeur du patrimoine et développement de DOMANYS
"The Aviary" in BERLIN - German City Policy Innovation Award 2011.
"Hanging Gardens" - BERLIN
"Fauna and Flora along the Loire" - Sanitas district -TOURS
More than 200 local residents and residents participate in the creative workshops and bring out the unifying concept of monumental wall design: "weaving". With the aim of improving the living environment and enhancing the heritage, the first three monumental murals based on this concept come to life in 2017. Perfectly integrated into the building and the plant power of the place, they initiate a new dialogue between the heritage and its environment which is already the pride of the inhabitants.
Consultation with residents: creative workshops are conducted by CitéCréation in person as well as on social networks.

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