The murals of Chartonnière “In the rhythm of the seasons” VILLEFRANCHE-SUR- SAÔNE


The district of Chartonnière is located in the municipality of Gleizé, at the north entrance to the conurbation of Villefranche-sur- Saône (population: 50,000). In the framework of refurbishing its estate of 6 buildings with the installation of thermal insulation on the facades, HBVS commissioned CitéCréation to design and produce a monumental fresco on the gables and facades of its 90 dwellings, in close cooperation with the district’s inhabitants.

Thermal refurbishment in rhythm with the seasons

I’ve lived in the district for 20 years and it’s changed life around here. I love colours; it brightens thing up! The mural makes the buildings more dynamic. There’ll be visitors. We’ll have a wonderful inauguration, parties with the neighbours, birthday parties …
Martine Ducrozet
Resident of the Chartonnière district - Gleizé/Villefranche-sur-Saône
"Beyond the undeniable aesthetic quality of the murals, CitéCréation's added value comes from the team's know-how in "social engineering". The quality of contacts with the inhabitants makes it possible to interest them, involve them, create with them and support them at every stage, from creation to inauguration. The team's involvement is renewed with each new project, and the warm presence of the artists during the production phase is a lively experience full of exchanges with the residents." Translated with
Stéphanie Gauthier
General Manager - HBVS - Habitat Beaujolais Val de Saône
Contracting owner : Habitat Beaujolais Val de Saône (HBVS)
Place : La chartonnière – Gleizé / France
Contracting owner : Habitat Beaujolais Val de Saône (HBVS)
Place : La chartonnière – Gleizé / France
Contracting owner : Habitat Beaujolais Val de Saône (HBVS)
Place : La chartonnière – Gleizé / France

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The point of departure

Dating back to the 1960s, HBVS’s property built on the site of Chartonnière in Gleizé now has a central position in the territory. Standing at the northern entrance of the conurbation, it is both adjacent to a major traffic corridor and only a few hundred metres from the centre of Villefranche-sur- Saône.
Nonetheless, this estate remained isolated from its neighbourhood due to its linear and massive architecture. Although proud of their district, the inhabitants felt increasingly disconnected. This in turn affected community life which began to deteriorate. Lastly, the aim was to improve the urban image at the entrance to the neighbourhood and make it more attractive.

Action / result

CitéCréation coordinated a participatory approach during the design phase which succeeded in gathering more than 30% of the tenants. They told of the quality of life in the neighbourhood of Chartonnière, its links with the local natural environment and its closeness to the town centre. This led to the concept of the mural design “In the rhythm of the seasons” which met with the satisfaction of the tenants.
CitéCréation produced a colour scheme aimed at giving rhythm to the facades at the centre of which were cleverly positioned 4 monumental frescos. In impressionist style, they illustrate the four seasons of this territory at the heart of the Beaujolais. The resulting aesthetic response broke the uniformity of the buildings, giving order to the space and enhancing the property.

The actors of the project

  • Contracting owner: Habitat Beaujolais Val de Saône (HBVS).
  • Project manager: Artech Architecte.

Budget et Technique

Cost of the monumental mural design project:

  • Exploratory study/ Project coordination/ Coloration globale / Design-consultation / Production of 4 monumental mural paintings.
  • €180 K ex. tax*.

The property in figures:

  • 90 dwellings distributed in 6 buildings.
  • 180 tenants.
  • Timetable for carrying out the refurbishment project: 2 years.

Technical characteristics of the painted facades:

  • ETI polystyrene.

*Excluding scaffolding, surface preparation, team facilities, site office with access to water and living expenses.