Our craft

A dedicated and proven project-oriented methodology

Designing and producing works of art to embellish buildings is the core of CitéCréation’s knowhow.

CitéCréation’s monumental façade embellishments are made to last and make the symbols of community life stand out under the best light.

Monumental mural painting renders homage to the beauty and wealth of little known and even ignored districts. The mural is a symbol of the neighbourhood, the pride of its residents and it greets the tourists that go there to discover it.

Design & production, at the heart of our craft for 40 years

The design phase includes artistic production, operational and technical coordination.

In collaboration with the architect and using the surfaces of reserved building facades, CitéCréation provides an aesthetic response in harmony with the edifice and its environment. Our artistic responses are based on a global narrative and aesthetic concept associated with the singularity of the area and the architectural orientations chosen. Our images aim to break the uniformity of the facades on which they are painted, offer rhythm to buildings, create a dialogue between the structure and its environment, and combine technical and aesthetic performance. During this phase, the deliverable is the artistic mock-up made in our production workshop.

It is also during this phase that CitéCréation coordinates with the teams of the contracting owner, the general contractor and the architect(s) to plan the whole project.

The production phase punctuates the refurbishment, construction and residential upgrading works. The pictural works on the facades created by CitéCréation, with its murals and wall designs, express on a monumental scale the narrative concept defined during the design phase. Buildings  and neighbourhoods are given a new and lasting image of quality in the eyes of their users and visitors. Our works are produced in conformity with professional practice and use techniques that ensure the integrity of the buildings and associated systems.



This mission is carried out before works begin on refurbishment, construction and residential upgrading on behalf of the contracting owner or the municipality. We perform a global evaluation of the aesthetic, architectural, technical, social, economic and legal feasibility of the monumental mural design. We meet the main stakeholders of the property, territory and technical services. We reflect on the most pertinent approach to the urban narrative in terms of content and shapes. We propose plans with several typologies of fresco circuit and painted murals. Lastly, we define different budgetary and time scenarios. This study allows the contracting owner to specify the level of action desired from CitéCréation in the design and production phases.
It also prepares the inclusion of CitéCréation and the production teams in the project schedule. At this stage, the creation of artistic mock-ups is optional.


Intended to introduce aspects of participation and joint design for the properties and areas on which we act, consultation is most often aimed at the primary users of the buildings: the residents, the neighbouring population, employees, associations, etc. Under the supervision of the contracting owner, this phase is directed by CitéCréation’s project managers in the form of creative workshops. Participatory engineering takes the form of presentation meetings and optionally in digital format to ensure the widest participation possible. During this phase, proposals of narrative concepts can be expressed and included in the artistic mock-ups. This phase places the project’s stakeholders to the fore and consolidates their acceptance of the changes made to the buildings in which they live, for example.


During the different phases of the project, CitéCréation can make its knowhow in operational and neighbourhood communication available to the contracting owner. Our company provides aid to integrate innovative and monumental mural design projects in the owner’s communication to their clients, elected representatives, in-house and to all the different targets. CitéCréation produces the visual and editorial content delivered to the communication department of its client. CitéCréation’s communication manager can also help the contracting owner’s communication department to define its media plan and provide contacts with its press relations.


In order to assure its client regarding the durability of the aesthetic integrity of their property, CitéCréation proposes a contract with the contracting owner that specifies the actions to be taken in the case of voluntary or involuntary degradation of the facades treated (outside the ten-year guarantee). CitéCréation therefore ensures full quality and reactivity in restoring the works to their initial state.


CitéCréation provides a ten year guarantee for all its works.


The contracting owner acquires the property rights over the works. CitéCréation conserves inalienable moral rights over the works in conformity with copyright laws and intellectual property rights.