“Life at Farsta” Trompe-l’oeil wall murals STOCKHOLM


In the framework of the “1 million dwellings” operation, the district of Farsta on the outskirts of Stockholm was chosen for the construction of social housing estates built during the 1970s. In 2016, a massive project was launched to refurbish these buildings with uniform facades but nonetheless set in a magnificent environment. It was driven by one of the city’s main social housing agencies: Familjebostäder.

Life at Farsta

This was the very first time in Stockholm that co-creation workshops with tenants had been organised as you know that Swedes are very reserved when speaking about their identity. So when we saw the enthusiasm generated by these workshops, we immediately understood that the project was a success.
Annette Sable
Director of Familjebostäder
Contracting owner : Familjebostäder.
Place : Farsta Strand – Stockholm / Sweden.
Contracting owner : Familjebostäder.
Place : Farsta Strand – Stockholm / Sweden.
Contracting owner : Familjebostäder.
Place : Farsta Strand – Stockholm / Sweden.

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The point of departure

New populations originating from immigration came here in the 1990s and 2000s to join the ageing first tenants, still present, proud and in love with their district. Faced with the challenges of cultural mixing and integration, the district launched a huge programme to promote harmonious cohabitation by implementing a large number of social and cultural operations that have proved very successful.

Action / result

CitéCréation produced a series of monumental frescos aimed at showing the symbols of harmonious cohabitation. The monumental mural paintings pay homage to the beauty and wealth of this little—known and even ignored district. The frescos are now totems of the district, the pride of its inhabitants and they warmly welcome the tourists that come to discover them.

The actors of the project

  • Contracting owner: Familjebostäder.
  • Project manager: CitéCréation..
  • Partners: City of Stockholm..

Budget et Technique

Cost of the monumental mural design project:

    • Project coordination/ Design – consultation / Production of the mural painting.
    • €80 K ex. tax*.

The property in figures:

        • Budget for the refurbishment of €1 million.
        • Timetable for carrying out the project: 6 months.

Technical characteristics of the painted facades:

        • Caporal exterior thermal insulation system.

*Excluding scaffolding, surface preparation, team facilities, site office with access to water and living expenses.