Nature and party go hand in hand in Vaires-sur-Marne

Within the framework of the rehabilitation project of the Paul-Algis district, in Vaires-sur-Marne, the Habitat77 social landlord wished to give a new identity to its built heritage by creating two murals, in order to give a new breath to the residence.

The CitéCréation team is working with the landlord to improve the image of this residence. Habitat77’s ambitious goal is to build and manage sustainable social housing and to play a role in beautifying and improving the living environment of tenants and residents.

Together, the social landlord and the painters/designers from CitéCréation wanted to bring a new look to social housing. Transcribing the history and the richness of the neighbourhood’s plant heritage through the medium of the mural fresco helps to reestablish links and social diversity…


Two murals, “La Nature” and “La Fête” invite you to travel.

The first work, LA NATURE, in which the abundant vegetation is very present in the environment, invites you to take a walk on the banks of the Marne, only a few kilometres from Paris.

The theme of nature links the two painted walls through a futuristic and allegorical setting, with spaceships and planets.

In the second mural, THE PARTY, which is currently being painted, represents music, which is very present in the history of the neighbourhood and creates a link between generations. This mural will symbolise the identity of the town of Vaires-sur-Marne, thanks to its architecture and the Paul Algis neighbourhood in silhouette.

To accompany this project, Habitat77 commissioned CitéCréation to create an “artistic expression wall” on the theme of “Les beaux jours”. Many inhabitants came to join the CitéCréation team to imagine, draw, paint and let their imagination work… in a joyful and good mood!