Blois gets a mural “La Fée Clochette” design by Régis Loisel, comic strip artist

Orchestrated by CitéCréation with the collaboration of comics author Régis Loisel, known for works such as The Quest for the Time Bird and Peter Pan, this fresco takes pride of place on the façade of Place Chanoine-Tournesac.

A mural fresco at the heart of urban commitment

Synergy between the town, the bd BOUM association and Régis Loisel, patron of the Maison de la bd, brought this artistic project to life. CitéCréation brought this collaboration to fruition with the author himself, making us very proud.

Régis Loisel responded to the call from the City of Blois and bd BOUM, creating an original work featuring his Tinkerbell in the heart of a green setting. The work is part of the Rue du Bourg-neuf beautification project, which aims to enhance the presence of greenery.

Initiated in 2019, the City of Blois launched a participatory budget, giving residents the opportunity to share their ideas for beautifying the city. In 2021, a proposal was made for a fresco in the city center, aligned with the Maison de la bd project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the bd BOUM festival.

These two initiatives were made possible thanks to the approval of the Architecte des Bâtiments de France. An agreement was signed between the town, the building’s owners and CitéCréation to bring this work of art to life. A facade renovation was essential to guarantee optimal conditions for the fresco.The entire innovative project was financed by the City of Blois’ participatory budget, illustrating the municipality’s collective desire to contribute to the artistic and aesthetic enrichment of the city.In this way, Blois continues on its path of urban beautification, offering its residents and visitors a living environment where art expresses itself on every street corner.