Scenes of life in Oyonnax

The Oyonnax design “Scenes of life” is taking shape in our workshops. Our team is devoting all its talent to creating this trompe-l’oeil mural, which will soon be ready for hanging on the rue Voltaire in April.

The demolition of a house has given way to a large white wall, a space that calls for inspiration and creation. Soon, a new mural will brighten up this large white gable, to the delight and pride of all the residents of Oyonnax.

Over the last few years, CitéCréation has had the privilege of participating in nearly fifteen mural projects across the town of Oyonnax, paying tribute to its rich history and industry. We are proud to contribute to the beautification of this town.

Scènes de vie en trompe-l'oeil à Oyonnax