The murals are displayed in Ribot (Chaumont – Haute-Marne)

A Chaumont Habitat/CitéCréation partnership project

Chaumont Habitat is constantly seeking to improve the living environment of its clients. Today, the residence of the rue Ribot is getting a new look, and this in two ways: by an energy rehabilitation of the buildings and by the embellishment of their facades through the realization of monumental mural frescoes executed by CitéCréation, in consultation with the inhabitants.

An expected rehabilitation programme…

Concerned about the quality of its offer, Chaumont Habitat has a strong patrimonial strategy for all its properties. The office is undertaking several rehabilitation operations on its residences, in order to offer a pleasant and sustainable living environment combined with the search for savings on costs for its customers.

In 2021, residences 18/20 and 47/49 on Rue Ribot, located in the Val Barizien district, will undergo a major energy renovation…. but also an original artistic project.

In order to give back colour and attractiveness to the Val Barizien district, Chaumont Habitat has, in parallel, engaged an original creative approach in partnership with the muralist designer company CitéCréation. Thanks to its 43 years of experience and more than 850 frescoes to its credit, the CitéCréation cooperative has helped the office and its tenants to define monumental mural works.

Eventually, a series of frescoes will be created in this neighbourhood.

A project shared with the residents

This creative process is being carried out in consultation with the tenants of Chaumont Habitat and the local residents. It thus offers an unprecedented opportunity to the inhabitants to tell the story of their city, their district, based on their aspirations.
The inhabitants met during three times of exchange and reflection, in company of CitéCréation and their office
Chaumont Habitat, in order to design the works that are beginning to embellish the facades of their residences…


Chaumont Habitat - CitéCréation
Chaumont Habitat - CitéCréation
Chaumont Habitat - CitéCréation
Chaumont Habitat - CitéCréation
Chaumont Habitat - CitéCréation