Mural “Sylt, the pearl of the North” – Sylt – Germany

A paradisiacal and wild beauty, the island of Sylt (pronounced Zult), a popular seaside resort in northern Germany, is located in the Wadden Sea National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the most secret holiday island of the German jet set, a confidential place.

We arrive in Sylt like at the end of the world. Three hours from Hamburg, facing Denmark, on one side, the long white sandy beaches of the Wadden Sea, and on the other, the North Sea, as well as the dune landscapes that make the reputation of this mermaid-shaped island.
GEWOBA Nord Baugenossenschaft eG, one of the largest housing cooperatives in northern Germany, with around 6,000 housing units, commissioned CitéCréation to design and build a 185 m2 wall fresco as part of the thermal renovation of one of its residences in Sylt.
The wall fresco refers to the beauty of the island, its fauna, its flora so imposing and its lighthouse so typical of this region.
Sylt’s distinctive features? His beach!
The whole western part of the island unrolls a ribbon of 40 km of sand licked by the North Sea, so expressive, so changing invites to smell its atmosphere where clouds, humidity and clear skies are constantly evolving to create snapshots of sea landscapes with subtle chromatisms. The Impressionists were not mistaken, many of them have placed their easels on its beaches to hunt down nature heckled by the azure. Tourists and watercolourists can rest for a while in the beach baskets (Strandkorbe), the ideal object to enjoy the beach in strong winds. That is why the windsurfing world championships are also held there.

This romantic atmosphere that the wall painters of CitéCréation wanted to represent in this new mural work gives it a little air of well-being.

Sylt, the pearl of the North
Kirchenweg 17,
25980 Sylt – Germany
185 m2 – 2018

La Perle du Nord - Sylt - Allemagne
La Perle du Nord - Sylt - Allemagne
The Pearl of the North - Sylt - Germany
The Pearl of the North - Sylt - Germany
The Pearl of the North - Sylt - Germany
The Pearl of the North (a detail) - Sylt - Germany
The Pearl of the North (work in progress)- Sylt - Germany
The Pearl of the North (work in progress ) - Sylt - Germany