Mural of The Children of Peace: CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday in 2018

CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday in 2018. The cooperative enterprise has designed and created more than 750 murals in the hearts of cities, in businesses or in social housing districts.
We open the photo album to present you each week a mural, a monumental wall design or a fresco for social housing.

Children of Jerusalem

Ben Yehuda is one of the main streets of Jerusalem. Its beginnings were in the 1920’s with the implementation of the plans of the British Mandate authorities to develop a central business district in the city. Durign the 1980’s a major part became a pedestrian mall. Over the yeas, following a series of terror attacks and primarily since the opening of the Malha Mall in 1993, the city center began to deteriorate. The buyers abandoned the citu center for the air conditioned and secure Mall. Ben Yehuda suffered from neglect and the merchants became more and more objectives of the city and Ben Yehuda was chosen to be the first site given a new and colorful appearance.

An exposed wall on the house on Ben Yehuda Street 21 was identified as appropriate and required the agreement of the property owners. At first, the project team received extreme reactions, from enthusiasm and encouragement by some to suspicion and opposition by others. After it became clear that the subject of the mural would determine the attitude of Jerusalem residents regarding the continuation of the project, “Children of Jerusalem”, a universal subject evoking sympathy, not charged with the Jerusalem reality, was chosen as the subject of the first painting created by CitéCréation in Jerusalem. The exposed wall was covered with painting stone and drawings of Jerusalem children playing on painted verandas. The children do not belong on any specific ethnic group or community of Jerusalem.
Trivia from the lives of the children of Jerusalem are hidden in the mural.

Mural of "The Children of Peace" - Ben Yehuda Street - Jerusalem - Israel (Realized in 2000)
Mural of Children of Peace - Jerusalem - Israel (Realized in 2000)