Grand Lyon Habitat renovates the Tony Garnier Urban Museum “The Time of the City”

The Time of the City –Tony Garnier Urban Museum, Grand Lyon Habitat, and CitéCréation worked on the concept of joint creation with the inhabitants.

The Cité Tony Garnier has now become the focal point of a vast and ambitious modernisation project that will bring long-lasting changes to the image of the États-Unis district in Lyon 8. The inhabitants’ living environment will be improved and make the tenants of Grand Lyon Habitat proud to live in this historic district, designed and built by the great architect Tony Garnier in the 1930s. Consultation with the inhabitants, the partners and local actors formed the core of this refurbishment project that concerned not only the buildings but also the modernisation of the frescos, painted by CitéCréation between 1987 and 1997. Grand Lyon Habitat, CitéCréation and the association managing the Tony Garnier Urban Museum, coordinates and will continue to coordinate co-creation workshops ateliers and consultation meetings on continuing the magic of the murals. The Tony Garnier Museum is an open air museum created in the 1990s by the inhabitants who organised guided tours of the frescos over a period of about ten years.

The first wall on the neighbourhood’s history
The new wall saw the light of day in September 2016, and replaced the former fresco called “Visionary Tony Garnier” (at the corner of rue Paul-Cazeneuve and rue Ludovic-Arrachart).
The theme chosen for this new wall was the history of the États-Unis neighbourhood from the 1930s to the present day. This new monumental mural design was designed and produced by the designers and fresco painters of CitéCréation with the participation of the residents of the neighbourhood and the teams of Grand Lyon Habitat and the Tony Garnier Urban Museum during creative workshops.
It was jointly funded by the Caisse des dépôts et consignations in the framework of its bicentenary.