The mural of Diego Rivera (Metropolis of Lyon: CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday

CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday in 2018 : Mural of Diego Rivera (Metropolis of Lyon).

CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday in 2018. The cooperative enterprise has designed and created more than 750 murals in the hearts of cities, in businesses or in social housing districts.

We open the photo album to present you each week a mural, a monumental wall design or a fresco for social housing.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the death of the Mexican painter Diego Rivera, the Diego Rivera Foundation has chosen the muralists of CitéCréation, heirs of this master of mural art. Producer of this unique work in Europe, the SACVL has created a whole space that serves as a showcase for murals.

Pre-Hispanic façade of the Diego Rivera Space

This wall evokes pre-hispanic civilizations. It includes elements from Diego Rivera’s original murals dealing with the arrival of the Spanish commissioned by Hernan Cortes, the role of the Church and the Inquisition in this conquest. Rivera’s ceramic collections are also suggested. To recall the lush vegetation that covered the temples and pyramids when they were rediscovered in the 19th and 20th centuries, this wall has been vegetated. For that, it was built in excess thickness of the existing blind façade, in order to shelter and hide the technical supports: watering, fertilizer distribution, lighting…

Contemporary facade of the Diego Rivera Space

The southern wall of the Diego Rivera Space, on an ochre yellow uniform background, takes up the contemporary, social and political themes that Diego Rivera dealt with throughout his life, such as the Mexican Revolution, industrialization, the creation of the Mexican Communist Party or the class struggle. Lenin’s portrait addresses the polemic of the fresco created for the Rockefeller Foundation in New York and destroyed as soon as it was created…

Mural of "Square Diego Rivera" - Lyon 7th - France