Seven buildings will soon be renovated in Joigny

A major urban renewal, led by Domanys, is due to begin in early 2021 in the Hauts de la Madeleine district of Joigny (Bourgogne – France).

A major renovation project will target seven buildings in the Hauts de la Madeleine district of Joigny. Led by Domanys, this €6.5 million operation will start in 2021. And seven monumental murals will decorate the facades of the buildings.

It will undoubtedly be one of the major projects of tomorrow. The social landlord Domanys (*) has decided to invest massively in the Hauts de La Madeleine district of Joigny. 6.5 million euros will be dedicated to the renovation of seven buildings (editor’s note: housing 124 apartments), with an artistic dimension. What you need to know about this ambitious project in three points.

The works. The imposing Jovinian construction site is due to start at the beginning of 2021, and should take 24 months to complete”. It will first concern insulation – this will be the most visible part since it will change the facades of the buildings – but there will also be interventions inside the dwellings,” explains Karine Lascols, general manager of Domanys. Energy saving is a priority, with the aim of achieving the BBC (Bâtiment basse consommation) standard.

But in addition to the thermal insulation of the facades, the replacement of windows and roller shutters, other work is planned: extension of the kitchens and replacement of sanitary facilities (bathroom and toilet) in the homes, embellishment of the common areas, external developments in conjunction with the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) …

These major renovations, “without any increase in rent”, will allow the inhabitants “to gain in comfort as well as in energy savings; we will also adapt 41 dwellings for the elderly in order to maintain the autonomy of the people for as long as possible”. An effort in terms of security is expected, with the replacement of various doors, intercom systems, or the installation of surveillance cameras outside the buildings.

“In Joigny, we want to change the image of the district with this artistic dressing. We want to give back a certain pride to this neighbourhood, to make it a singular space. »

The murals. This rehabilitation also has an aesthetic dimension. An artistic chapter. With the creation of seven monumental murals, by the cooperative society CitéCréation. They will decorate a facade of each of the buildings. “These frescoes were co-constructed with the inhabitants. They tell their story.” In total, seven panoramas of Joigny have been chosen. The first is a triptych of murals relating to nature, vineyards, the Yonne and the woods.

The four other frescoes will represent the festival with the traffic jams of the 50-60s; an aerial view of the Hauts de la Madeleine when the district was built in the 60s; a military cartography representing the town and its surroundings; and finally, the heritage of Joigny, with its historic centre. “We have involved the inhabitants at every stage, but also the citizen council, the town of Joigny and the Louis-Davier high school located just next door”. Starting next week, large tarpaulins, representing the future frescoes, will be hung on the buildings. The aim is to give a foretaste of the future district.

Global project. With a double ambition, both technical and artistic, this project is to be compared with two other major projects undertaken by Domanys. “We have already carried out this type of rehabilitation in Tonnerre. In the district of Les Lices (editor’s note: the work was completed in 2018),” confides the general manager of Domanys. We have another project of the same kind in Chablis. The third site will therefore be Joigny. Beyond the rehabilitation itself, there is the idea of participating in the tourist attraction of the town. In Joigny, for example, we want to change the image of the neighbourhood with this artistic dressing. It’s about restoring a certain pride to this neighborhood, making it a singular space.”

Of course, the idea for the first social landlord in Yonne is also to look after its own image.

(*) The first social landlord in Yonne for 70 years, Domanys manages nearly 8,900 housing units in 200 municipalities in the department. In total, it houses nearly 18,000 people.

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