CitéCréation reacts to street art fashion – Bref Éco- Special December 2018

CitéCréation reacts to street art fashion

CitéCréation, a leader in its mural fresco activity, reacted to the competition from street art by launching into moumental mural design.

There are few companies are the companies that almost invent their business. This is what the City of the creation – today CitéCréation – a company cooperative based in Oullins (Rhône) which launched forty years ago as a mural creator. From the group of friends from the Fine Arts who brought back this idea of a trip to Mexico to return home with 750 projects.

CitéCréation is a success story.

Tourist buses regularly park in front of the Fresque des Lyonnais, painted in 1995, or in front of the Canut Wall, built in 1987. The tour of the Tony Garnier Urban Museum gave ideas to Angoulême. Brest and – soon – Oyonnax. Moscow. Yokohama. Porto. Vevey. Berlin. Montreal…. Many cities have also opened their walls to the muralist painters of CitéCréation, who at the beginning of the 21st century opened two subsidiaries. rune in Quebec. r r another in Berlin. Everywhere. The methodology is the same: design the project in consultation with the inhabitants and find private financiers.

A shift towards monumental wall design

“We have become leaders of our aclivilé, like Ha/im Bensaïd. fun of the ten founders (7 of whom are still present). And then the streel art came and upset her. “The cities. seduced. preferred to leave their walls to these ephemeral works and. considers the director. “unrelated to the lives of the inhabitants. While we are silent, on average, €1.5 million in sales, 35% of which is to be redirected. We have fallen to €700,000, 10% of which is outside France, reports Halim Bensa’1d. So, over the past three years, we have begun a shift towards monumental wall design.

To understand what it is all about, you have to imagine two grey towers of bad reputation neighbourhoods in the former East Berlin…. Nowadays, they are wrapped in flowers and bright colours. They attract residents and tourists. A transition accompanied for two years by a loan from Bpifrance’s Fonds dïnnovation sociale IFiso). And which leads to the entry into the capital of Caisse des Dépôts at the end of 2018. France Active and regional Scop meeting.


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