“The canvases of celebrations” – Monumental mural design – PARIS (project in progress)


Whether it is the vast Greater Paris project or the 2024 Olympic Games, the challenge of restoring life, beauty and identity to many areas of the capital is at stake.

The Place des fêtes (19th district) is one of the city’s symbolic places. It is the high point of the capital, cradled by a powerful human and natural history, and its name is associated with the imagination of the Roaring Twenties in the suburb of Belleville. In the 1970s and 1980s, it underwent unfortunate urban transformations with the appearance of vast slabs whose human appropriation was never complete. Today’s urbanistic and architectural evolution seeks to restore surprise at the bend of a street, to bring back vegetation in the urban space, to reduce its vertical monumentalities.

It is in this context that CitéCréation is mandated to restore beauty and identity to the Place des Fêtes through its intervention on one of the densest heritages of its urban space.

Contracting owner : CdC Habitat
Place : Paris - Place des Fêtes (Paris 19th district)

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The point of departure

CdC Habitat owns the Belleville residence, located on the Place des Fêtes. A rehabilitation with elevation for a heritage of more than 350 housing units. In view of the context, CdC Habitat wishes to make this technical operation an aesthetic and participatory success that contributes to restoring beauty and connection to the holiday season and its inhabitants. CitéCréation is chosen by CdC Habitat to launch a monumental mural design operation with a participative stake integrated into the rehabilitation program

Action / result

The implementation of a participatory approach led by CitéCréation and the local teams of CdC Habitat makes it possible in three stages to bring out the collective history of the place, to exchange around the narrative concept and artistic intentions. This work gave rise to the name of the project “Les Toiles des Fêtes” as well as an artistic pre-model created by the inhabitants and elected officials.

In 2020 / 2021, CitéCréation plans to create the largest monumental mural fresco in Paris on the 700 m2 north gable of the residence’s central building.

The actors of the project

  • Project owner: CdC Habitat
  • General contractor: Bouygues Construction
  • Architect: Groupe Arcane Architectes
  • Inhabitants’ representative: Amicale des locataires de la résidence Belleville et l’Association des Amis de la place des Fêtes

Budget et Technique

Study, Assistance to the project owner, consultation, design and implementation conducted by CitéCréation (project in progress).