Two innovative murals in Marseille, La Cabucelle – France

A ray of sunshine on the terraces of La Cabucelle:

We are proud to unveil the achievements of a new Monumental Wall Design project in the La Cabucelle district, in the heart of Marseille’s 15th arrondissement. Two murals of about 250 m2 represent the heritage of the social landlord Logis Méditerranée (group 1001 Vies Habitat), one of them the great Yves Montand, who spent a few years at La Cabucelle and the other represents the specialities of the district in pictograms.
This innovative monumental wall design project on Logis Méditerranée’s building, which accompanies the renovation of the residence’s housing, has three objectives: improving the neighbourhood’s image, encouraging residents’ pride in belonging to their neighbourhood and finally bringing the residence into the future development of the territory. This mural project has a real impact on the life of the neighbourhood and its connection with the rest of the territory.

La Cabucelle is a district with a strong history, linked to industrial transformation and cultural diversity. This story that we can still perceive, sitting at a café terrace, contemplating these typically Marseille streets.

CitéCréation has brought its expertise in project management and its artistic touch to enhance and promote an emblematic district. This project was carried out in consultation with the inhabitants of the Cabucelle district, who now benefit from a mural fresco of which they are very proud.

The Cabucelle district is characterized by its diversity and solidarity, the fruit of its workers’ history. This industrial past is reflected in the presence of empty warehouses and vacant land formerly occupied by metallurgical industries, canneries or slaughterhouses. Today, the district suffers from a lack of attractiveness due in part to the start of these many activities and relies on a strong local economy linking the inhabitants of Cabucelle. It is important to note the great precariousness of the inhabitants and its inclusion as a political priority district of the city.

“Before, here, there was”…
There was a boiler room, an oil mill, a mill.
There was a delicatessen, a roasting, a tailor, metallurgy, boiler making.

Yves Montand happily recounted the life rich in cries and colours of his “Cabucelloise” childhood.

Today, it is….
Le Carbuteur: finally a business incubator in the northern districts of Marseille….


Marseille Cabucelle - Yves Montand
Marseille - La Cabucelle
Marseille la Cabucelle - Yves Montand
Marseille la Cabucelle - Yves Montand
Marseille la Cabucelle - Yves Montand