Monumental mural design at Tonnerre – The start of the second lot of the project – Domanys

The fresco of Tonnerre – The Lices district

In the framework of the refurbishment of the Les Lices social housing estate belonging to DOMANYS (OPH of Yonne), CitéCréation started work on
the second lot of the monumental mural design project (4 in all) at Tonnerre. Following on from the first phase, a considerable change in the
behaviour of the neighbourhood’s residents was observed: the residents and neighbouring population are satisfied, people visit the
neighbourhood and there has even been a fall in the number of complaints to the police!

In the framework of refurbishing the Lices apartment blocks in Tonnerre in Yonne (110 dwellings in 4 buildings in a rural region) planned over 2016-2018, Domanys incorporated a monumental mural design by CitéCréation in its technical project for the property, based on a joint design approach with the residents. This participatory initiative took the form of creative workshops in the physical meaning and also in the virtual meaning by way of social networks.