The Rue Ribot is decked out in colour and becomes gourmet

[URBANISM] Chaumont Habitat is continuing with its idea of creating a graphic pathway on its residences. The latest one, at 47, rue Ribot, represents a scene in front of the market and puts the kiss of Chaumont, a pastry, in the spotlight. One of the objectives is to bring colour.

After discussions with the residents of 47 rue Ribot, Chaumont Habitat, the social landlord, launched the painting of a fresco on the building in question. The work is being carried out by the CitéCréation cooperative from Lyon. Clara Pasutto, Pauline Deas and Pierre Mathieu were sent to apply about 30 litres of paint to the 12-metre-high and 5-metre-wide façade.

The one on Rue Ribot is a very colourful scene because it was the wish of the residents. For the rest, the theme of delicacies was chosen. An outdoor scene can be seen in front of the covered market in Chaumont. A woman in the foreground is even tasting a local speciality: a Chaumont kiss. “With this fresco, we also hope that local residents will feel a stronger sense of belonging to the town,” explains Didier Gombart, the director of Chaumont Habitat.

A graphic journey far from the centre

The reflection goes even further because, with this colouring of the building, the social landlord creates a real graphic path. This is in fact the second large fresco of this kind, at a cost of €70,000. The first is located a little further down the same street and was completed last October. It dealt with the theme of the festival. In the long term, with the appearance of new murals, notably one at Clos Adonis, the landlord would like to invite all residents, even those who are far from the district, to admire these works and therefore to go elsewhere than the city centre. The city of the poster will thus be better and better named.

The creation of these frescoes is not insignificant either. “It’s the icing on the cake,” says Didier Gombart. They are always part of a global renovation of the building in question. At 47, rue Ribot, work has been in progress for several months on the sixteen flats. This 1950s building was in need of renewal, and Chaumont Habitat is investing €466,000 in a mainly thermal renovation: repairing the facade, the roof, the woodwork, including the windows, but also enlarging the entrance hall, painting the common areas, installing a videophone, etc.

“The aim is to reduce the costs for tenants, as we noticed that the consumption of this building was higher than the average for our stock”, explains Sébastien Agnus, deputy director.

On other buildings of the landlord, the savings have been directly visible. “In just six months after the end of the work on the first building, we have already seen a 25% drop in consumption,” explains Sébastien Agnus.

And it should continue. With energy prices on the rise, these savings are very welcome for tenants.

Laura Spaeter
Journal de la Haute-Marne

Journal de la Haute-Marne