The mural “The party” in Oyonnax

Tribute to the great Oyonnaxian festivals

CitéCréation presents the model of the next painted wall, which will be added to the murals, of which there are about ten to date. The theme of this new work will be “the party”.

It will be realized at the corner of the streets of Peace and the Castle by the muralists of CitéCréation.

“The mural of the festival” will represent a parade of giant, magical and dreamlike characters, it will pay homage to the great Oyonnaxian festivals, such as the Winter Festival, the Spring Festival, with in a wink the evocation of the first parade of the Flower Festival which reached its peak at the beginning of the 20th century…

This mural will make the City of Oyonnax even more festive and warm!

Fresque murale