The Carnival mural, a first in Romans-sur-Isère (France)

The city is more beautiful thanks to the “Action cœur de ville” program initiated by the City of Romans-sur-Isère, which commissioned the muralist painters of CitéCréation to imagine a route of painted walls in the city centre.

This first mural work stages the carnival; other fresco projects will soon complete this journey of painted walls. Giving Romanians and tourists the opportunity to discover the city in a different way…

The national plan Action cœur de ville responds to different ambitions: to renovate the town centres of medium-sized towns, to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of medium-sized towns and to strengthen the role of these towns as a driving force in the development of the territory. The objectives set for this fresco route are to make the city centre more pleasant and improve the living environment of its inhabitants, to contribute to the dynamisation of the city centre by improving the shopping route and creating a tourist route, to promote art and culture in the heart of the city centre.

In order to revitalise these city centres, to fight against vacancies in housing and shops and to encourage local economic activity, this scheme implements and coordinates all initiatives useful to the economic and social activity of the city centres while placing them in a sustainable development perspective to restore their attractiveness and dynamism.

It is the town hall that initiated this project of giant frescoes, the first of which has as its theme the Carnival as part of the Action Cœur de ville scheme financed by the Region. Other projects of the same type should flourish…

The co-signatories of the “Action coeur de ville” agreement are the City, the Valence Romans Agglo conurbation, the State, the Caisse des Dépôts, Anah, Action logement, Anru, the Drôme Department, Epora, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

Romans sur Isère
Romans-sur-Isère - Côte Cordeliers
Romans sur Isère
Romans-sur-Isère - Côte Cordeliers (mural after)
Romans sur Isère
Romans-sur-Isère - Côte Cordeliers (mural in progress)
Romans-sur-Isère - Côte Cordeliers (wall before)