Take the opportunity of the Angoulême comic strip festival to visit the murals of CitéCréation

Angoulême, the comic book capital, houses a collection of 24 murals on the theme of comics, all perfectly integrated into the city. A living testimony to the close ties forged over more than twenty years between the city and the 9th art. It is the history of the implantation of these murals in the different districts of the city, in the place they occupy in the history of art and in that of Angoulême city…

All these murals are original works commissioned from major artists of the 9th Art such as François Schuiten, Margerin, Druillet, Boucq, and many others… They were created by CitéCréation…

New York sur Charente - Festival Bd d'Angoulême
Cubitus - Angoulême Festival BD
La fille des remparts - Festival BD d'Angoulême
Mémoires du XXè ciel - Yslaire- Festival Bd d'Angoulême