Monumental mural design of Valibout – the town of Plaisir

The district of Valibout comprises social housing in the town centre of Plaisir. With its 1,000 flats and 3,000 inhabitants, its refurbishment is part of
the town’s development strategy.
In 2016, CitéCréation began a dynamic participatory project with the district’s inhabitants and local actors. The town of Plaisir and the estate
manager Les Résidences Yvelines Essonne got 200 people to participate in creative workshops organised by CitéCréation. The unifying concept of
“weaving” for the wall design was validated and the production of the first 3 mural works is already the pride of the residents and the population
of Plaisir.

More than 200 residents of the district and neighbours participated in the creative workshops, leading to the unifying concept of the monumental
mural design: “weaving”. The aim was to improve the living environment and embellish the town’s heritage, with the first three monumental
murals based on this concept coming to life in 2017. Perfectly integrated on the buildings and in the greenery of the site, they spur a new dialogue
between the structures and their environment and have already become the pride of their inhabitants.