Mural “The Balconies of Aviation” – Bron – France

Heirs of a tradition as a builder more than fifty years old, the Arcole company is a real estate builder. Strongly imbued with a culture of mason and then entrepreneur, this company, based in Bron, commissioned CitéCréation to design and realize a mural on the theme of aviation, on its new residence: “The Balconies of Aviation”. Located at the corner of Avenue Camille Rousset and Rue de la Pagère, the “Les Balcons de l’Aviation” residence enjoys a privileged location in the heart of Bron.

In 1930, the Bron airfield inaugurated the largest air terminal in the world. It was therefore only natural that this glorious past should be highlighted in this future mural work that mural painters will start building in July 2018. To be continued!

Mock-up of the future mural "A landscape at Turner on the plain of Bron" - designed by CitéCréation for the property developer Arcole