Mural of Lyonnais (Lyon Metropolis) : CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday

CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday in 2018. The cooperative enterprise has designed and created more than 750 murals in the heart of the city, in businesses or in social housing districts.

We open the photo album to present you each week a mural, a monumental wall design or a fresco for social housing.

We start with the most emblematic, La Fresque des Lyonnais (Lyon 1st), so appreciated by tourists and Lyonnais…

They are 30 famous men or women, from Lyon, among those who built the history of Lyon, from the Roman emperor Claude, born in Lyon, to Abbé Pierre or Paul Bocuse, in a trompe-l’oeil shortcut.
They rub shoulders throughout the centuries, united by the will of CitéCréation’s muralist designers. These include techniques with Jacquard or the Lumière brothers, adventure with Claude Martin or Verrazane, science with Claude Bernard, literature with Louise Labé and Maurice Scève as far as Saint-Exupéry and Frédéric Dard, research with Marcel Mérieux and Ampère, humanism with Pauline Jaricot. All the names are indicated at the bottom of the fresco, the wall is studied like a book, the discovery is progressive, you have to take your time.

Partners :
Roche et Cie, Seigneurie, Pays Beaujolais, RSE Décoration/Vachon,
Le Parc de la Vigne et du Vin, Des Bistrots de Cuisiniers by Jean-Paul Lacombe, EDF Gaz de France Distribution Lyon Métropole, Fondation Mérieux, Librairie Gibert-Joseph.

This wall fresco was illuminated by Architecture Lumière and the City of Lyon’s Public Lighting Department.

Mural of the natives of Lyon - Corner at the corner of quai Saint-Vincent and la rue de la Martinière - Lyon 1st - France (Realized in 1995)