Mural of HBVS – Four murals, to the rhythm of the seasons

Using monumental wall design, mural, as a lever for heritage enhancement, territorial, commercial and tourist attractiveness and putting social dynamics at the heart of the project, this is the ambition of this project led by HBVS and the inhabitants of La Chartonnière.

The “district” of La Chartonnière is one of the many social housing areas making up the agglomeration of Villefranche-sur-Saône. It is based in the commune of Gleizé. Built on the dynamics of the 30 glorious years and in the wake of the general urban development plans of the aftermath of the Second World War, the “La Chartonnière” residence merged into the urban development of the agglomeration.

The “La Chartonnière” residence is a complex of 6 buildings comprising 90 dwellings. This residence presents a standardized and functional architectural image. Plant integration makes its character. It is located on the busiest north/south axis of the conurbation.

Four mock-up were produced thanks to the participation of the inhabitants in the co-creation workshops. Gleizé, located in Beaujolais, it was quickly decided that the theme of the four seasons will be highlighted on the 4 gables of the residence.

The murals were completed in 2017 and continued at the beginning of 2018. One evokes spring (flowered undergrowth, golden wood of Gleizé) the second in winter (from inside a dwelling, you can see winter through the window and the bell tower of Gleizé. The bouquet is composed of flowers corresponding to the names of the alleys of the residence. An ear of wheat was added because the first inhabitants of the residence were essentially employees of Blédina. A sprig of mimosa symbolizes the conscripts. The mural fresco of the summer presents a vine and the one of autumn, with warm hues, recalls the Saône and its surroundings.

Fresque murale Chartonnière Ete Printemps18-45
Mural of HBVS - La Chartonnière "The four seasons" - Gleizé - Villefranche-sur-Saône - France
Fresque murale Chartonnière Ete Printemps18-45
Mural of HBVS- La Chartonnière "The four seasons" - Gleizé - Villefranche-sur-Saône - France
Mural of HBVS La Chartonnière - wall before - Gleizé - Villefranche-sur-Saône - France