Mural of the Square of the Motte – Limoges – France : CitéCréation celebrates its 40th birthday…

CitéCréation celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018. The cooperative enterprise has designed and created more than 750 murals in the hearts of cities, in businesses or in social housing districts.
We open the photo album to present you each week a mural, a monumental wall design or a mural for social housing.

Place de la Motte, an extraordinary city centre…

In 1993, Cobaty Limoges commissioned CitéCréation to create a mural of 100 square metres. In a few years, it was adopted by all Limougeauds and tourists.

More than twenty years later, CitéCréation wishes to pay tribute to him…

As part of the national operation”Trait Bleu”, the Cobaty Limoges wanted to embellish one of the oldest squares in Limoges, with the creation of a trompe-l’oeil mural that tells some major episodes in the history of the city. The mural of the Place de la Motte, designed and created by CitéCréation, became in a few years an artistic and historical reference of the City, adopted by all.

With this work, Cobaty Limoges became known to the general public and also became a reference in urban planning.

The integration of this mural into the environment is remarkable, taking up architectural details such as the half-timbering and the colour of the granite.

We see the evocation of the great fire of 1864, Auguste Renoir born in Limoges, the feudal mound and its ponds, the monetary workshop of the city, and more current reminders such as the epic of basketball or the jazz festival!

La Fresque de Limoges - Place de la Motte - Limoges - France (Realized in 1995)
La Fresque de Limoges - Place de la Motte - 87000 Limoges - France