A local and original project – Angoulême (France)

The city of Angoulême is the pride of Angoumoisins, it is qualified as the international capital of the Comic strip and the Image. Over the years, it has built up around twenty monumental painted walls and windows that imprint the comic strip in the landscape of the Cité des festivals.
These walls have made the City of Angoulême famous and are also the subject of a tourist trail of painted walls created by CitéCréation over more than twenty years ago.

A local and original project:

As part of the regiment’s influence in its garrison town, the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment (1st RIMa) proposed the creation of a painted wall, an idea that was accepted by the City of Angoulême; the aim being to ensure greater visibility for the regiment in its immediate environment, to strengthen its integration and anchoring in its town and to improve its appropriation by Angoumoisins.

 The City of Angoulême has therefore fully associated itself with this project. This new painted wall is a new achievement for the regiment, which, following the comic strip “Chargeur Prêt! “confirms that the 1st RIMa shares the DNA of its garrison, Angoulême, city of image designated UNESCO Creative City in 2019.

This mural project is in the effigy of the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment. It was presented last summer to the regiment by Colonel Thibaud Thomas, head of the corps, Mr Xavier Bonnefont, mayor of Angoulême and by the CitéCréation team. This new work completes the famous circuit of painted walls in the heart of the Cité des Valois, through an allegorical composition of the history of the regiment drawn by the artist Fawzi, from the Marquis’ studio.

This new work will join the twenty or so monumental mural frescoes, ranging from a few square metres to over 250 square metres, that have been painted on the various buildings and walls of the city for decades.

First Marine Infantry Regiment - Angoulême (wall before completion of the mural)
First Marine Infantry Regiment (work in progress)
First Marine Infantry Regiment - Angoulême
First Marine Infantry Regiment (work in progress) - Angoulême
First Marine Infantry Regiment (work in progress) - Angoulême
First Marine Infantry Regiment (work in progress) - Angoulême