Mural : Trips within the town – Public transport in Lyon – France

Trips within the town

98, avenue Lacassagne, Lyons 3, 720 sq. m.

The wall of the “dépôt des Pins” (Pine depot) tells the story of the public transport in Lyons (TCL) like in a picture book. The employees of the TCL firm contributed towards the achievement of the mural. Some 200 characters appear on a chronological scene.

Time is divided into seven paintings showing the different aspects of daily life which created the identity of Lyons. People are painted next to horse-drawn carriages, horsedrawn tramways and then electric trams; they are seen next to trolley buses and then finally next to modern buses.

Each time there is a different background, according to the period depicted. Close by, the industrial wasteland of the Berliet factories (rolling stock suppliers) is reconstructing the place.

Fresque murale
Mural - "city trip" - Project owner: Public transport in Lyon
Fresque murale
Fresque murale Voyage dans la ville - TCL Lyon