The town centre invites itself to Ribot

Two monumental murals will be created next spring on two buildings on Rue Ribot. The project led by Chaumont Habitat, in partnership with CitéCréation for the artistic side, is part of a larger energy rehabilitation project. Here are the first sketches.

As part of the large-scale energy rehabilitation operation undertaken by Chaumont Habitat in the Val Barizien district, two monumental frescoes will be created by CitéCréation’s mural painters on the 18/20 and 47/49 buildings in rue Ribot. The idea is to offer residents an improved living environment by restoring colour and attractiveness to their neighbourhood. After an initial consultation meeting with local residents, the first pencil strokes were given and two sketches were created. The festivities, gastronomy and conviviality are more than ever represented. With the frescoes of CitéCréation, the town centre is going to invite itself into the neighbourhoods…

“We’ve had a hold-up! “Two elements will be highlighted: living together and partying. The scenes of life, represented in a very poetic and dynamic way, will highlight two strong elements of the heritage of Chaumontais, one architectural, the other cultural.

Living together

One of the frescoes will show the Halles, and the other will show a crowd that is not unlike the crowded streets during the Grand Pardon with, in the background, the rue Victoire-de-la-Marne decked out in its coat of flowers and the town hall in the background. One also discovers there a people who will be multicoloured. Quite a symbol. “It’s daring! But by what right do you appropriate the Grand Pardon. You will hear it more than once! You have to be prepared for it. The fresco refers to it, but not only. It’s a celebration. Everyone has told us about this festive side. It’s something that has left its mark”. No need to wait until 2029, with CitéCréation the Great Forgiveness will live on every day.
“We’re going to recreate the city in the suburbs, bringing people from the city centre to you, and vice versa. It’s a bias to be taken on board and a feeling of belonging that will make the inhabitants proud so that they will dare to say “eh oh, we too are Chaumontais! »
Idealist or idealised scenes of life? Perhaps. But…” There is a whole section of the population who do not allow themselves to come to the town centre and use its covered market… It is also a matter of enhancing it and, at the same time, we are moving towards the renewal that the City of Chaumont wants for its Halles and a world of consumption favouring local shops. This is more and more in tune with the times,” said Frédéric Gombart, the director of the social landlord.
The final model will be unveiled on 24 November and the frescoes will be completed in the spring, once the energy works are finished.

Julie Arnoux
Journal de la Haute Marne

The town centre invites itself to Ribot