Le Progrès – 30/04/2018- “A view of Lyon on the Semailles sector”

At the initiative of the municipality, a mural is being created on a building wall in the “Semailles” sector.

Created 40 years ago, CitéCréation specializes in trompe-l’oeil wall paintings. Numerous murals have been created by artists, including the famous Canuts de la Croix-Rousse wall, the murals of the ideal city of Tony-Garnier in Lyon’s 8th arrondissement, the Lyonnais fresco and the Paul-Bocuse restaurant in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or.

Three painters at work

Since April 11, three painters have reproduced on the wall of 91, avenue de l’Europe, the theme proposed by the citizen council’s working group. In co-financing with Dynacité (the owner of the building), the bakery Ange, the butcheries André, Pyragric and Suez, we decided to create this mural.

“Our objective is to restore visual art, it will be part of an overall urban renewal plan, which will allow us to create other murals on the town,” explains the mayor, Alexandre Vincendet.

“We worked in consultation with the members of the citizen council, by eliminating the various subjects. The fact of bringing out the extraordinary view from the commune on Lyon caught the attention. This project is in a way the extension of the Canuts wall, which is with the other painted walls of Lyon, the second site visited by tourists, after the Fourvière cathedral”, specifies Halim Bensaïd, the project manager of CitéCréation.

“Our goal is to restore visual art.”
Alexandre Vincendet, Mayor of Rillieux-la-Pape

Le Progres - Fresco "The city, the view, the city" - Rillieux-la-Pape - 30/04/2018