The murals of Valibout in Plaisir – Le Parisien

Le Parisien wrote of CitéCréation in its edition of 22/09/2017 – by Mathilde Caron

The two new murals of the Valibout district of Plaisir will be inaugurated this Saturday.
The first giant murals of Valibout will be inaugurated this Saturday. From now to the end of 2018, all the buildings will have been refurbished both inside and out.
They are finished at last. The first three giant murals that henceforth decorate the walls of the three buildings of Valibout, in Plaisir, will be inaugurated this Saturday morning.
From the beginning of her tenure as Mayor (LR) of the town in 2013, Joséphine Kollmannsberger started the procedures that led to the façade mural project for the district’s buildings. Performed by Cité-Création, the operation consisted in embellishing the buildings while bringing back to life the district’s history for all to discover. However, Opievoy, the social housing agency that manages the 1,000 dwellings of Valibout, changed its mind and decided not to participate in funding the project, thereby bringing it to a halt. It was not until the beginning of 2016 that Résidences Yvelines-Essonne, which took over from Opievoy, finally opened its wallet to allow these vast mural paintings created in collaboration with the inhabitants to see the light of day, to what appears the appreciation of the local population.
“We’re proud to have participated in this project”, a mother of a family said emphatically. “It’s beautiful, it’s aesthetic”, commented another inhabitant who, however, had been expecting something else. “We’re waiting for renovations to be done to the interiors of the buildings. We don’t have lifts, it’s dirty, the tiles are falling to bits, it’s dangerous… “If the Mayor and the housing agency are to be believed, the renovation won’t wait long: all the dwellings of Valibout must be renovated from now to the end of 2018, both inside and out.
One of the murals, situated in the Allée Saint-Just, expresses a musical atmosphere with its lively colours, bongo drums and violins, though sport is also depicted, with a drawing of a young footballer. It is enough to give dreams to children unused to seeing so much gaiety in their district. “These frescos are joyful. Before, when we walked outside, the landscape here was grey”, complimented a young boy. The project seems to have given ideas to the inhabitants since some already see themselves as painters.

The two new murals of the Valibout district in Plaisir will be inaugurated this Saturday.