GHI – Zep winked at Titeuf – 18 july 2018

ONEX – Switzerland

The designer Zep, who grew up in the town, signs a fresco of his favourite character on the facade of a building. A second giant Titeuf will decorate another building this winter….

A giant Titeuf, rue de la Calle, has just been unveiled to the Onésiens.

It was in Onex, in the streets of La Calle and Les Racettes, that Philippe Chappuis, alias Zep, made the four hundred moves when he was a kid. And fifty-one years later, the cartoonist reappeared in Onex! Or rather his son, the famous Titeuf, drawn on a facade of the building from 26 to 38 rue de la Calle.

On the sly

This giant coloured Titeuf, suspended from window panes resembling a comic book plate, with Obelix in the background observing it with doubt, does not go unnoticed. Especially on social networks, where many Internet users have immortalized it with curiosity. The giant fresco was indeed visible in June at the end of the building’s renovation work. The latter, owned by the Private Foundation for Low-Rent Housing (FPLM), is managed by the General Hospice. It is also one of the first buildings of the Cité-Nouvelle – the first dormitory city in the 1960s – which detonated at the time with its purple and bluish mosaic coating.
“Zep’s fresco in Onex was not chosen by chance,” whispered the architect Hugues Hiltpold, commissioned by the FPLM for its realization. Philippe Chappuis, born on December 15, 1967 in Onex, grew up and attended all his schools in the district. The Foundation took advantage of the renovation work on its building to pay tribute to the famous cartoonist.”

Two Titles rather than one

In the meantime, Hugues Hiltpold announced that the Titeuf fresco will be officially inaugurated in early 2019, once the renovation work is completed. “At the end, a second fresco of Zep’s turbulent kid will appear,” he continues. It will be visible by the end of the year on the building bar at 43 to 53 rue des Racettes, located diagonally to that of rue de la Calle. The two Titeuf drawn on the two opposite gables – visible from rue des Bossons and avenue des Grandes-Communes – will thus give the impression of being in the bubbles of the comic strip.”

A pretty wink from Titeuf to his father Zep, but also a treat for the fans, who will undoubtedly rush to Onex, just to make a little Tchô to Titeuf!

A short video made by the General Hospice during the dismantling of the scaffolding unveiling the fresco: NZxeX4XvFk

GHI - Titeuf winked at Zep