“Flower Tower” Monumental mural design BERLIN


Here, the context was combating vacant social-housing in East Berlin! In the framework of thermal refurbishment, this is an example of a monumental mural design operation carried out by CitéCréation on a tower known as “plattenbaum”, a uniform construction built in series which was gradually emptying over the years.


A tower for reinventing pride and attractiveness

Flower Tower has become the emblem of the district! Everyone passes that way to go to Erholungspark (the largest botanical park in Berlin, known for its “gardens of the world”). What’s more, the “gardens of the world” have been depicted in the paintings on the ground floor so the children can learn.
A resident of the district
Contracting owner : Friedenshort eG
Place : « Flower Tower » – Berlin (Marzhan) / Allemagne
Contracting owner : Friedenshort eG
Place : « Flower Tower » – Berlin (Marzhan) / Allemagne
Contracting owner : Friedenshort eG
Place : « Flower Tower » – Berlin (Marzhan) / Allemagne

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The point of departure

How can one combat the negative image of this type of high-rise estate? It was not enough to upgrade it or to carry out a new functional standardised refurbishment. The answer was to create a majestic lighthouse, an urban totem in the midst of a sea of uniform and anonymous buildings, to give a new identity and role to this estate. Generating a more dynamic image has favoured lasting attractiveness to better respond to the residents’ needs regarding their quality of life and to the objectives of the contracting owner and the municipality.

Action / result

Hardly a year after the monumental mural design project was completed, the 20% of vacant apartments has fallen to 0%.
The municipality has also equipped itself with a new cultural facility through the creation of a site worth visiting. Welcomed by the tenants proud of their tower, visitors and tourists come to discover the decors of the gardens of the world.
In addition to better rental management, this project has enhanced the property, improved the tenants’ appropriation of the buildings and revitalised the district.

The actors of the project

  • Contracting owner: Friedenshort eG.
  • Project manager: BigBau.
  • Partner: Caparol paints.

Budget et Technique

Cost of the monumental mural design project:

  • Consultation / Design / The complete covering of the tower.
  • €244 K ex. tax*.

The property in figures:

  • 136 dwellings.
  • 320 tenants.
  • Timetable of the refurbishment: 9 months.

Technical characteristics of the painted facades:

  • ETI polystyrene.

*Excluding scaffolding, surface preparation, team facilities, site office with access to water.