Le Populaire du Centre: Murals telling Limoges soon to be painted in La Bastide

Three monumental design murals, works by CitéCréation and the inhabitants, will cover, by the end of the summer, three gables of buildings in the La Bastide district.

The first brushstrokes by the specialists will not begin until June 6, but on Tuesday, Limoges Habitat unveiled the visuals of the three frescoes that will soon decorate three buildings in the La Bastide district. 
The project, carried out by the social landlord with the support of the city of Limoges and the urban community, in charge of the overall renovation of the district, was built with the inhabitants of La Bastide, including students from the school.

Limoges and oven blue plates

“We exchanged a lot with the people of the district, without controversy, which is not so frequent, and ended up with the guiding idea: to make these frescoes the gateways to the district and Limoges, evoking its life, its history, with porcelain as the main theme,” explains Halim Bensaïd, director of CitéCréation.

This Lyon-based company has already had its name discreetly inscribed in the city for 25 years, since it has created the fresco on Place de la Motte.
The first two frescoes will be displayed on the two blind gables of the buildings overlooking George-Braque Street and framing the police, pharmacy and post office area. “These two pieces of porcelain plates are seen as decorative elements at the back of a stage, which is the new esplanade,” Halim Bensaïd frame.

The first mural will be painted on this building, after the renovation of its facade in early June.

This mural diptych illustrates on the one hand the emblematic trades of Limoges (fire arts, tanning, leather goods, working the earth in the countryside), and on the other hand the activities and leisure of the district and the city: basketball of course, but also football, petanque and shared gardens.
The third murals represents a porcelain vase that will seem to come out of the wall. Very elegantly drawn in oven blue, its motifs show an image of the local heritage: the Benedictine station, a trolley, the castle of La Bastide. Delivery of the works is scheduled for mid-August.

The canvases of the Bastide, Limoges